CLI Client Installation and Use - Version 9.x

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  • If you are using a platform independent distribution, this assumes you have already have Java 8 or Java 11 installed on your system. Reference: Oracle or Adopt Open Java (recommended). Verify by running the following from your command line: java -version
  • Platform specific distributions have no need for a separate Java


Download Distribution


  • Use your favorite unzip tool on the distribution file
  • Put the resulting directory in a convenient location of your choosing
  • For our example, we use tools

Verify Installation

Best Practices


  • No configuration or licenses are required for these examples

General Help

Action: getServerInfo

This action contacts a server and retrieves base information about the server. To start, we contact a pre-configured bobswift Cloud instance using anonymous access.

Action: getProjectList

Action: getProject

Action: getSpace

Action: getPageList