Action Examples - acli help using ?


Default help message.


acli ?

     ***     Welcome to the Atlassian CLI     ***
     - General Documentation:
     - Action Reference:
     - Getting Help and Support:

To get started, specify an action like getClientInfo or getServerInfo or getProjectList or ...
Optionally, specify a client or a site defined in your configuration file './' (not available)

Clients: jira, jiracloud, confluence, confluencecloud, bitbucket, bitbucketcloud, bamboo, slack, trello, ...

Here are some simple examples to try
- Please run from a terminal window that is at least 100 characters wide
- This assumes running from the installation directory using the default start scripts like acli or ./
- Cloud sites used below have anonymous access, so no authentication is required

  acli --action getClientInfo

  acli bobswift --action getServerInfo --outputFormat 2

  acli --server -a getProjectList

  acli -s -a getSpaceList --columns 1,2,url --outputType table

  acli -a getRepositoryList --owner gint_org --columns 2,4,Website --outputType table

  acli jira --help

  acli jira -a getProjectList --help

  acli jira --server <your server> --user <your user> --password <your password> -a getProjectList

  acli -s https://<your site> -u <your email> -t <your token> -a getProjectList
    -- Get an Atlassian Cloud token:

Here we add a simple configuration to the default configuration file and try it
  echo mysite = -s https://<your site> -u <your email> -t <your token> >> ./
  acli mysite -a getProjectList