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Projectrak Integration

Tableau Connector Pro for Jira app integrates with Projectrak. Projectrak is a project tracking solution for Jira. It provides you with preconfigured project fields and the ability to create new project properties. Perform dynamic project search using PQL(Project query language), define the layouts and views based on your preference to visualize and track the Jira project portfolios.

This integration further extends the capabilities of Projectrak to export and visualize the required project properties for actionable insights in Tableau.

  • Tableau Connector Pro for Jira currently offers Projectrak integration only with Jira Cloud.

  • Tableau Connector Pro for Jira requires Tableau Desktop software to function.

Steps to integrate Tableau Connector Pro for Jira and Projectrak - Project Tracking for Jira

  1. Navigate to Jira > Tableau Pro > My Connector URL and copy the Tableau Web Data Connector URL. For more information, refer to My Connector URL.

2. Navigate to Tableau Desktop > Web Data Connector. Enter the Tableau Web Data Connector URL to Tableau Desktop as a Data Source to import the data into Tableau. For more information, refer to Import into Tableau.

3. Specify the JQL to pull the issues for this data source and click Continue.

4. A form is presented with Jira and Projectrak fields. The Projectrak values list the Projectrak fields. To provide the details, select the Projectrak values field.

To import the Projectrak data from Jira, enter the API key ID and API key. To generate API key ID and API key, follow these steps. Click Continue.

  • If required, you can Change API Key for Connectors. To change the Key, edit the connection.

  • Click API key ID and API key and navigate the page with steps to generate the API key.

5. The Projectrak data gets imported and appears in a table format in Tableau.