Run CLI Actions in Bamboo


Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) actions can now be run directly as part of a Bamboo build. This enables developers and build administrators to easily include in their build processes various Atlassian product actions. For instance, creating or updating JIRA issues, creating or updating Confluence pages, or queuing more Bamboo builds. This gives a lot of flexibility for extending build processes and deployment possibilities.


  1. Supports all clients included with the Atlassian CLI distribution (with the same version number)
    • Bamboo
    • Confluence
    • JIRA
    • Service Desk
    • Bitbucket
    • HipChat
  2. Any server instance supported by the Atlassian CLI can be accessed for running actions depending on having valid user credentials for the actions requested. This is the same as running the actions from a command line. This includes Cloud installations.
  3. The add-on bundles all the Atlassian CLI capabilities. Easy to install and upgrade with the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).
  4. Action scripts can be inline within the task or reference files from the working directory or file system
  5. Passwords in the CLI output are suppressed

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Part of our Atlassian CLI Family of Tools

Use the Bob Swift CLI on your desktop, server, or embedded in the most popular Atlassian apps.

CLI Clients / Connectors

Run CLI Actions

  • A downloadable CLI Client, paired with an app installed CLI Connector*.
  • Execute CLI actions on your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop or server.
    • Perform both routine and obscure admin or operational tasks with powerful actions rather than scripts. One command can do so much!
    • Incorporate that same power into scripts to simplify and extend them.
    • Use external data from CSV files, databases, and other apps to perform bulk operations.
    • Migrate data to, from, and between different apps.
    • Trust that the CLI remains consistent even as apps and their APIs change.
  • All-in-one embedded solution.
    All the power of every CLI client —embedded in your Atlassian app.  
  • Execute CLI actions right within your Atlassian apps:
    • via workflow functions or UI in Jira
    • via macros in Confluence
    • via tasks in Bamboo
    • via hooks in Bitbucket
  • Integrate and automate any CLI supported external app. 





Bitbucket Cloud

*Not all supported apps require an app installed connector.

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