SQL for Bamboo


This add-on provides Bamboo tasks for running dynamic SQL statements and scripts. Result data can be output to a file in a number of formats. This enables various database operations to be easily scheduled and managed in Bamboo. Create and manage test or production databases. Export database query results to Confluence or other systems.


  1. Supports JDBC compliant databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.
  2. File or inline SQL scripts can de used.
  3. Data source configuration data can be specified on a task basis or saved in a global or plan variable for reuse.
  4. Multiple data sources can be accessed by using multiple tasks.
  5. Multiple output formats are available:
    • Raw with line breaks
    • Raw
    • HTML
    • Confluence Wiki
  6. Feed results to Bamboo variables for easy access by subsequent tasks and jobs.
  7. Specify custom regex conditions for determining task success or failure.

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