Release notes 4.0

2 April 2010


This release introduces the capability to index cached content. Also included are usability improvements for Confluence 3.1 and above.


Built for Confluence 3.1 and above. May continue to work on older versions, but not tested or supported there.

Highlights of Cache for Confluence 4.0

Index cached content

The cache macro is often used to cache content from external sources like databases, spreadsheets, or other sites. A new option (index=true) allows that content to be added to the Confluence search index associated with the page. Every time the cache data is refreshed or the page is updated, the data is parsed and added to the search index.

Macro browser support

Users with Confluence 3.1 and above can use the Confluence macro browser to prompt for cache and text-extractor macros.

i18n support

  • Allow for translation of macro browser information

Translation help requested

If anyone can contribute new or improved translations, they can be incorporated into the deliverable. Only a few phrases are required for a minimal translation. For examples, unzip the jar and look in the i18n directory.

Text-extractor macro

  • Extract simple text from html data

Other improvements

  • Fixed export problems.

Resolved issues

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