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The future macro works fine with many macros, however, there are numerous cases where the interactions of the future macro with other macros will not produce the desired result. The background rendering of the content can prevent more advanced macros from behaving as expected. Similarly, some advanced macros can interfere with the communications needed by the future macro to display the content that is rendered in the background. Fixes have been provided for some of the most prevalent use cases and more will be considered in the future based on user need. Even though there are a number of interoperability issues, the benefits for some of the most common scenarios warranted delivery. Plus interoperability is significantly better than the old future plugin provided.

This page is intended to document interoperability with other advanced macros. In some cases, there are restrictions or work-arounds for using the macros together. In other case, improvements are needed in the implementations to work better together. Feedback from users with experience with other macros not listed will help everyone to be able to use the support more effectively. Please vote and open new issues if necessary.




Restrictions & Workarounds


Since 6.4, many scenarios are now covered. The most significant restriction future within an include within a future macro.

Confluence 5.4.3 or above provides the most scenario coverage.

CACHE-104 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CACHE-60 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Since 6.2. Prior to 6.2, cache refresh link does not work inside a future macro.


table-plus, sql, csv, excel


futurerun, run-now(tick)(tick)


futuremetadata macros(tick)(tick)
CACHE-83 - Getting issue details... STATUS
futurescaffolding macros(tick)(tick)(warning) Does not work in edit contents mode CACHE-83 - Getting issue details... STATUS CACHE-132 - Getting issue details... STATUS

report-table, report-variable

CACHE-146 - Getting issue details... STATUS
futureother reporting macros(tick)(tick)
There is a user report CACHE-64 - Getting issue details... STATUS
futureexpand(tick)(tick)Requires release 6.1 and at least Confluence 5.0 CACHE-74 - Getting issue details... STATUS
tocfuture on same page(tick)(tick)
CACHE-59 - Getting issue details... STATUS



CACHE-62 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Similar results for other expand like macros that selectively show data




Requires 6.1.1. Use future macro for one or more cards. This is the most typical situation.

CACHE-62 - Getting issue details... STATUS , CACHE-87 - Getting issue details... STATUS


future(tick)(tick)Requires 6.4.

CACHE-62 - Getting issue details... STATUS


It works, but is of little value as cache will capture the rendered body without the rendered data from the future macro. Each rendering of the page will result in the future macro getting the data in the background again.

macros requiring web resources


  • show-if, hide-if and similar

(tick) Confluence 4.x - 5.1

(warning) Confluence 5.2 - 5.4.2

(tick) Confluence 5.4.3+ with Cache 6.3 or above.

CACHE-63 - Getting issue details... STATUS A workaround is to have the macro requiring resources to be on the page outside of the future macro. Perhaps in a Hide macro with rendering.
Refined Wikifuture


CACHE-69 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • viewxls
  • viewdoc
  • viewppt
  • viewpdf

  • (tick)
  • (tick)
  • (error)
  • (error)

Requires release 6.1

Resolved with Confluence 5.4.3 and above together with Cache 6.3 or above.

  • viewppt (tick)
  • viewpdf (tick)
CACHE-78 - Getting issue details... STATUS
futureJIRA macro



  CACHE-298 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - We see that the results are not being loaded when Jira macro is used within future macro. Tested confluence version: 6.12.2 and add-on version: 7.9.0


(tick) Confluence 4.x - 5.1

(tick) Confluence 5.2 - 5.4.2: Requires 6.4

(tick) Confluence 5.4.3 or above: Requires 6.4 and an Atlassian pagetree plugin fix. See Tracked Atlassian issues.

CACHE-92 - Getting issue details... STATUS



(tick) Confluence 4.x - 5.1

(tick) Confluence 5.2 or above: Requires Cache 6.4 or above

CACHE-92 - Getting issue details... STATUS




Fixed in Confluence 5.8.5.

Workaround: Make sure the page has a code or code-pro macro outside of a future macro. This brings in the necessary web resources correctly.

Or install the patched version of the code macro plugin.

CONF-35014 - will provide a fix for the code macro for future versions of Confluence

newcode-macro-plugin- - a patched version of the code macro for Confluence 5.3 and above

CACHE-114 - Getting issue details... STATUS

futureConfluence table sorting(tick)(tick)

Some Confluence release level restrictions.

Workaround: Use Table Plus Macro.


CACHE-105 - Getting issue details... STATUS




Avoid putting the excerpt macro within a future macro if you need to access the data using excerpt-include. CACHE-183 - Getting issue details... STATUS
The chart macro excepts all data to be available immediately, so a delayed rendering via future is not going to work.
(warning)Works with some restrictions or workarounds
(error)Does not work in most cases

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