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The Bob Swift software team is proud to announce the release of Macro Security for Confluence version 4.0.

With hundreds of customers in more than 45 countries, Macro Security for Confluence is one of our most popular Bob Swift Atlassian apps. Version 1.0, the oldest recorded by Atlassian was released back in April of 2008 and since then, our team has released 12 versions of this app.

With version 4.0, we wanted to make it easier for administrators to quickly locate, add, or change Macro Security settings. You told us that editing a properties file in order to make a simple change was too restrictive. We agreed and decided to remove this from the editor experience altogether. Many of you asked us to make it easier to restrict macros by providing picklists for selecting the names of trusted users, groups, and spaces, so we did 😉. You also told us that the ability to enable/disable security at the individual macro-level was important to you, so version 4.0 now provides this ability. This release has other surprises in store, so be sure to check out the What's New section.

We also want to thank you, our incredible customers, for using our apps. You have provided great feedback and suggestions to us over the years and you cheer us on from afar as we try hard to understand and meet your needs. We appreciate the support and want you to know that you truly are the reason why we build software!

Nagesh Santhapuri - Principal Software Engineer
Bob Swift Atlassian Applications

Release Highlights

Organized Screen for Configuration

Admins, we've been listening to your feedback and version 4.0 has some exciting additions for you, namely:

  • You no longer need to hunt and peck to find our configuration page. A new option Bob Swift configuration > Macro Security is now available right within the General Configuration sidebar for configuring Macro Security.
  • The 'Macro Security for Confluence - Configuration' page offers a clean, new tabbed interface to separate the securing of macros from global configuration.

Elimination of the Properties File

We heard from some of you that editing a properties file to make a simple change was too restrictive and made simple changes a chore. So, we decided to remove this from the editor experience altogether. Now we have the following:

  • A configuration screen allowing you to both list and restrict macros, as well as change the global configuration.
  • Automatic conversion of your configuration file, if you are upgrading from a previous version with a properties file. (wink)


We heard from customers that it was challenging to remember the exact names of supported macros without revisiting our documentation. They also mentioned that it was tough to remember groups, users, and especially Confluence space keys. Our administrators struggle with this as well, so we decided to build the picklist of all picklists, which we refer to internally as "Wunderpick":

  • In the Macro field, begin typing the first few characters of the macro name and we'll suggest the name of managed macros as well their parameters that can be controlled via Macro Security.
  • In the Macro Restrictions field, begin typing the first few characters of a user name, group name, or space name we we'll suggest ones that match.


Secured Individual Macros

For several releases, we've provided the ability to enable/disable macro security at a global level and while this all-or-nothing approach was helpful, it wasn't fine-grained. We now allow you to:

  • Enable or disable individual macros.
  • Toggle on or off the protection for an individual entry (after confirmation, of course)

Migration of Configuration Changes

We heard from several customers that it was difficult to safely migrate macro security changes between different systems to ensure they are configured identically. We agreed and in this release:

  • With two clicks, you can now import or export your entire configuration.
  • All changes can now be safely copied to another system.

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