Problem Determination Information - 4.x


If requested by our support representative, please follow these steps to turn on debug logging that helps us determine the problem.

Steps to collect debug information

  1. Read: Confluence logging - how to configure additional temporary logging in Confluence
  2. Add an entry for DEBUG using org.swift.confluence.macrosecurity
    • Temporary logging gets you started without a server restart. It does not carry over after restart.
    • Should look like: 
  3. Run a test scenario and then look in the server log. Find the time period close to your test run time and look for entries including text: org.swift.confluence.macrosecurity
    • If none found, search for macrosecurity (as logging output can vary)
  4. Attach one of the following:
    • Cut and paste the entries into a comment (if small) or into a file and attach (recommended)
    • Ensure the Zip of your server log doesn't contain sensitive information
    • Copy your server log and remove earlier entries or other information you may not want to share