Administrator's Guide

The Macro Security for Confluence add-on from Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons provides administrators with the means to ensure that powerful or complex macros, or those with the potential to impact performance, can only be used by trusted individuals and groups.

Many of the other Confluence add-ons from Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons implement macro security, which means that an administrator can choose whether or not to constrain their use.

In addition, through the use of the Macro Security macro which can be embedded in user macros, other add-on developers or those who write user macros can allow their macros to also implement macro security.

Take a look at the below pages to learn more about administering Macro Security in Confluence:

  1. Understanding how Macro Security works
  2. Installing the add-on
  3. Macro Security managed macros
  4. Configuring and enabling Macro Security
  5. Example configurations
  6. Using space-based macro security
  7. Using Macro Security with the Live Template macro
  8. Using the Macro Security macro to control user macros
  9. Disabling and uninstalling Macro Security


Adding Macro Security support to your add-ons

Adding Macro Security support to your add-ons is a very straightforward process. Learn more about it here.