This page provides instructions to customize the Bob Swift Atlassian Code Pro for Confluence app.

After upgrading or installing the app, follow the steps mentioned below to navigate to the app's configuration:

  1. Log in as a Confluence administrator with global permissions.
  2. Select  > Manage apps.
  3. Either search for Code Pro for Confluence or scroll to Bob Swift Configuration, and click Code Pro to view app configuration.

The Code Pro for Confluence - Configuration screen has the following main settings:


Enable or disable the required parameter to apply the settings. Click Save to confirm the changes.

Restrict URL accessOffSelect this option to control whether or not URLs conform to the Confluence Whitelist, provided whitelisting is enabled. 
Help us improve the productOffEnable this option to allow us to collect some usage data that helps us improve our product. To learn more about what is being sent, refer to Analytics information.


Profiles comprise a common set of parameters that allow users to add a profile in the Code Pro macro. Some advantages of using profiles are:

  • Profiles allow user authentication required by some URLs to be hidden from page viewers and editors. Only Confluence administrators have access to this information.
  • Enables macro editors to quickly configure the macro by reusing a shared definition for URL access. 
  • Relative addressing can be used making the page content less likely to require changes when base URLs are relocated. 
    • Macro configured URL (that is not a full URL) is appended to the profile provided URL. The first part goes in the URL to source code parameter of the profile. The second part (or ones like it) goes into each macro usage. For example, if source reference is something like, then a profile could be set up to reference all source in the Gint repository by configuring the profile: url= Then the macro references would be relative like: src/main/groovy/org/swift/tools/Gint.groovy.
  • Combine settings of a profile with another profile(s). Use the '|' delimiter to combine name-value pairs with the specified profile settings.
    For example, you can create a profile 'A' that defines a customized style using HTML tags. This can be appended to another profile 'B' as url=|A. In the macro, if profile 'A' is selected, retrieved data is shown with the custom styles given in profile 'B'.

Important information:

  • Administrators can provide a maximum of 30 profiles to be used with the Code Pro macro.
  • Specify the required settings for a profile as name-value pairs separated with a '|' delimiter between each pair.
  • Each value is applied on the resultant data; if valid, that value is applied, else is ignored. 
  • Other parameters such as language, title, collapse, theme, firstline, borderColor, borderStyle, borderWidth, bgColor, titleBGColor, sections, encoding, collapsetype, and script can also be given as the wiki parameter syntax for a profile.
  • Learn more about the possible settings for a profile available in the Code Pro macro guide.

The following actions can be performed:

  • Add new profiles directly. Enter the required values in the Name and Value parameters, and click Save.
  • Edit the profile by changing the given values and click Save to confirm the changes.
  • Remove a profile by deleting the name and value of the profile. Click Save to confirm the changes.