What are Profiles?

Profiles are created by Confluence administrators to make using a common set of parameters easier for users adding the code-pro macro to pages. Here are some advantages for using profiles:

  1. Profiles allow user authentication required by some urls to be hidden from page viewers and editors. Only Confluence administrators have access to this information.
  2. Enables macro editors to more quickly configure the macro by re-using a shared definition for url access. 
  3. Relative addressing can be used making page content less likely to require changes when base urls are re-located. Relative addressing just means taking the full url to access a specific project source and splitting it into 2 pieces. Where to split depends on how specific you want the profile to be in referencing code. The first part goes in the url parameter of the profile. The second part (or ones like it) goes into each macro usage. For example, if source reference is something like, then a profile could be set up to reference all source in the gint repository by configuring the profile: url= Then the macro references would be relative like: src/main/groovy/org/swift/tools/Gint.groovy.