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This page describes the use cases solved by the publishPage action. In it simplest terms, there are a a number of use cases around the need to take some source content and create a Confluence page. Basic support for this comes with standard storePage (or addPage) actions. These actions take wiki or storage formatted text in a file or specified directly with the content parameter and produce a page. However, there are lots of other automation use cases that need more extensive support. The publishPage action is intended to cover these use cases. This page summarizes these scenarios.

For our purposes here, there is little difference between creating pages or updating existing pages, so we favor terminology of update and storePage in what follows.

For publishPage actions, the content can come from a source page or from content provided by the file or content parameters. Most of our internal use is from a file coming from a repository so that we have change control.

When rendering content on the source system from non-page sources like a file, we use the space (and title parameter if provided) to determine the source rendering context. If title is not provided, the space's home page is used.

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