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The attachments on this page are produced by running CLI actions against this site. In the case of project specific lists, the Example space is used primarily. This is automated via a private Bamboo instance running the Run CLI Actions in Bamboo. The attachments can be viewed directly on this page using the CSV Macro. They are grouped by category: site, space specific, and page specific. This shows the raw CSV data. Examples of more useful displays of the data in Confluence are available on the Example output with augments page and other examples on this site.


When you have the Run CLI Actions in Confluence installed, then you can make these types of lists live. How to get all space permissions is one example.

Automation Authority

You must ensure that the user id used for automation (or a group it belongs to) has access to all the spaces and page that need to be reported or acted on. Normally, the automation user id should have System Administrator global permission so it has full access to all spaces and pages. If this is not possible (for instance, when using Cloud), then make sure the default space permissions allow full access. Space administrators should be instructed to not remove this permission. Unfortunately, without System Administrator permission, it is possible for page level view restrictions to prevent access by automation and these pages will not be available to report on.




Site lists


  • This is restricted to CLI clients to shorten the example
  • See the augmented version of this list


  • This is restricted to CLI clients to shorten the example
  • See the augmented version of this list

Space specific lists









  • This is a page level action we run against all page in the space to get a space level view
  • -a runFromPageList --space example --common "-a getPermissionList --space example  --id @pageId@  --append --outputFormat 999"
  • You can replace the space name with @all to get a site wide list, but this is going to take a very long time for sites with a large number of pages (sad).
  • For this to be useful, mind the authority tip at the top of the page.

Page specific lists