Example output - how produced?

This will be similar to Example output - how produced?

Bamboo is used to automate the production of the example lists shown on Example output using the Run CLI Actions in Bamboo (Release 3.8 is required). This describes the details of that. 

The following common parameters are used on the actions:

--action run --common "--outputFormat 999 --dateFormat yyyy-MM-dd" --continue -s https://bobswift.atlassian.net/wiki -u automation -p ${bamboo.bobswiftPassword}
### Site space permissions
-a getSpacePermissionList --file space-permissions.csv
### Site attachments
-a getAttachmentList --space @all --file siteAttachmentList.csv
### Site labels by page
-a runFromPageList --space @all --common "-a getLabelList --id @pageId@ --file siteLabelList.csv --append --outputFormat 999" --quiet
### Space specific
-a getAttachmentList --space example --file attachmentList.csv
-a getBlogList --space example --file blogList.csv
-a getContentList --space example --search example --file contentList.csv
-a getLabelList --space example --file labelList.csv
-a getPageList --space example --file pageList.csv
-a getTrashList --space example --file trashList.csv
-a getWatchList --space example --file watchList.csv
-a runFromPageList --space example --common "-a getPermissionList --space example  --id @pageId@ --file permissionList.csv --append --outputFormat 999" --continue
### Page specific
-a getCommentList --space example --title "Example page" --file commentList.csv
-a getWatchList --space example --title "Example page" --file pageWatchList.csv
### CLI space list
-a getSpaceList --regex "(?i)ACLI|BCLI|CSOAP|CRUCLI|FCLI|SCLI" --file cliSpaceList.csv
### CLI space permissions
-a getSpacePermissionList --space ACLI,BCLI,CSOAP,CRUCLI,FCLI,SCLI --file cliSpacePermissionList.csv 

Upload to Confluence

  • We choose to remove previous attachments first to avoid clutter
  • We use --continue so that as many as possible files are uploaded even if there is an error. This is especially important on first run or when an attachment doesn't exist yet.
--action run --continue -s https://bobswift.atlassian.net/wiki -u automation -p ${bamboo.bobswiftPassword}
### Site space permissions
-a removeAttachment --name space-permissions.csv --space admin --title "Space permission summary" 
-a addAttachment --file space-permissions.csv --space admin --title "Space permission summary"
### Site attachments
-a removeAttachment --name siteAttachmentList.csv --space admin --title "Site attachments" 
-a addAttachment --file siteAttachmentList.csv --space admin --title "Site attachments"
### Site labels by page
-a removeAttachment --name siteLabelList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file siteLabelList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a removeAttachment --name attachmentList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file attachmentList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name blogList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file blogList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name contentList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file contentList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name labelList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file labelList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name pageList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file pageList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name permissionList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file permissionList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name commentList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file commentList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name trashList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file trashList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name watchList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file watchList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name cliSpaceList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file cliSpaceList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output"
-a removeAttachment --name cliSpacePermissionList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 
-a addAttachment --file cliSpacePermissionList.csv --space CSOAP --title "Example output" 


  • Clean is a simple script to remove files: rm *.csv
  • This is specifically needed for the generations that use --append support which should start with an empty file

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