How to copy new attachments to created issue


It is easy to copy attachments to the newly created issue from the original issue (issue being transitioned) or other issues by using the Attachments field. However, special care is required if you want to copy new attachments from the original issue that have been added by the user on the transition screen. The reason for this is that some actions requested in your configuration have to be done after the issue is created and that requires that JIRA has fully registered the issue in the database and this is of the system defined post functions.


Here is the solution as articulated by Detlef Steinhäuser in  CSOT-150 Getting issue details... STATUS :

My solution: move the post function below the post function that updates the issue and store the issue in the database.

  1. Set issue status to the linked status of the destination workflow step.
  2. Add a comment to an issue if one is entered during a transition.
  3. Update change history for an issue and store the issue in the database.
  4. Create subtask
  5. Create subtask
  6. ...
  7. Re-index an issue to keep indexes in sync with the database.
  8. Fire a Generic Event event that can be processed by the listeners.