Release notes 1.0.0-AC

What's new in this release

Buckle up for Create on Transition for Jira Cloud

Teams using Jira Cloud can now use Create on Transition for Jira's workflow post functions to automatically create and populate new issues or subtasks. In addition, we have incorporated the functionality of Update on Transition for Jira into this app. This means you can automatically create and update issues and subtasks and validate workflow transitions all in one powerful app. 

Here's what you can expect in Create on Transition for Jira Cloud:

  • Post functions that are conditioned to process as a part of your workflow transition:
    • Create Issue - Create and populate one or more issues 
    • Create Subtask - Create and populate one or more subtasks
    • Update Issues - Update and populate one or more existing issues (new functionality added from Update on Transition)
      The configuration interface for these post functions is neatly organized into tabs for easy navigation and quick access to fields and conditions. Here is the Create Issue post function interface as an example:

  • Conditioned Validator - Validate a workflow transition using powerful Jira expressions (new functionality added from Update on Transition)

Troubleshoot workflow transition errors easily

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to find and fix your post function processing errors? Create on Transition configuration presents logging capability that helps administrators easily investigate what went wrong and rectify it immediately. The errors messages are displayed in detail in the Log messages page in the configuration. You can also view the success messages in these logs or set the logging capability off by using the Log level in the Global configuration page. Refer to configuration for more details.

  • This Cloud release is available in Marketplace with the version number - 1.0.0-AC.
  • If you're using Create on Transition for Jira or Update on Transition for Jira Server or Data Center, you notice that almost all the feature support is carried over to the Cloud. To have more insight into what changed, refer to Differences between the Cloud and Server versions.

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