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Create Issue, Update Issues, and Create Subtask post functions support a number of fields for a configuration that helps you control when the issue or subtask should be created or updated and what information is associated with the issue or subtask once created or updated.

Sections containing field configurations

The configuration screen contains sections of powerful configuration options.

Basic fields

The following configuration fields are most commonly used by customers.

Detailed fields

Configurations within this section help direct where new issues or subtasks are created or updated, who they are assigned, and other important details associated with the issue and subtask creation.

Configurations within this section help create and copy links and link types.

Comment & attachments

This section allows you to control whether or not to associate attachments from the parent or other Issues during creation. You also have similar controls around comments. 

Custom fields

Configuration settings within this section allow you to: 

  • copy custom field values from the parent or original issue 
  • define values for new custom fields