Create multiple issues for each fix version


 Estimated Time: 8 min

When an issue transitions between a certain step, you would like to create multiple issues, one for each fix version specified within the original issue.


This scenario uses an example ePub workflow that helps teams coordinate the publication of electronic books. We want to add a Create Issue post function that processes when users transition issues from the "To Do" to "In Progress" steps. Using the "Create multiple issues" feature of Create on Transition, we can provide a Substitution Variable of "%original_fixed_versions%". This allows us to create one issue for each of the fix versions associated with the issue being transitioned. Each issue created contains a link back to the original issue. In order to better identify which fixed version the issues belong to, we prepend the issue summary with the fix version.


The following steps demonstrate how to configure Create on Transition using the Create multiple issues feature:

More ideas around this tutorial:

  • For each new hire, automatically create an issue for each application or resource the user needs.
    • In step 3 above, just use the application/ resource custom field substitution variable
  • For each new product, automatically create all the marketing tasks
    • In step 3 above, just enter the list of marketing tasks as comma-separated-values