Release notes 1.0.2-AC

What's new in this release

Create on Transition for Jira, cloud release version 1.1.0, is available on Marketplace with version number 1.0.2-AC.

Use JQL editor to build and validate JQL queries

Create on Transition for Jira cloud, version 1.1.0, enables you to use JQL editor that helps you build structured JQL queries while configuring Conditions & configuration for your post function. A new button Use JQL editor is now added to the JQL query field in the Configuration section, allowing you to easily navigate to the JQL editor where you can define JQL queries. Jira's native JQL editor:

  • Makes defining your queries easy with auto-suggestions and auto-complete functionalities while building your queries.
  • Validates your queries for correctness before using them in the post function configuration.

For more information, refer to Optional rules.

Access app configuration quickly

Want a quicker way to navigate to the app configuration? The administrators can now do so using the newly introduced option Create on Transition for Jira in the Apps menu.

Resolved issues

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