User guide - 7.x


Create on Transition for Jira provides workflow transition Post functions that can be configured to create one or more issues or sub-tasks. The app allows you to set issue fields with values using easy-to-use pick lists and substitution variables. You can also configure optional rules and conditions to customize the creation of issues and/or sub-tasks. Conditions may be based on information from either the original or parent issue. You can create multiple issues from a single Create Issue or Create Sub-task post function or you can configure multiple post functions. The Create Issue post function can also be associated with one or more Create Issue transitions.

Create on Transition Post Functions are similar to native Jira Post Functions in that they are configured and can be modified during normal workflow editing. Create on Transition for Jira shares similar capabilities to Update on Transition for Jira, which includes the ability to Update Issues among other functions.

Purpose and scope

This guide provides details of the configuration required to leverage all the potential v7.0. Create on Transition for Jira has to offer. It also explains a number of key concepts such as workflow post functions, issue fields, substitution variables and customization required to help understand and use the app effectively.


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