Optional rules - 7.x



Create Issue and Create Sub-task post functions can be configured to create the issue only if certain conditions have been met by the issue which is in transition.


Define the conditions under which to create the new issue(s) or sub-task(s). If these conditions are not met, then no issues or sub-tasks are created. If you do not define any conditions, then your issues and sub-tasks are always created when the associated workflow transition occurs. There are two types of conditioning, they are:

  • Sub-task conditioning - prevents the creation of sub-tasks if the original issue is a sub-task and the configuration indicates not to create a sub-task. It has the optional capability to create a sub-task which is a sibling of the original issue.

  • Pattern matching conditioning - takes advantage of the find/replace capabilities to provide a very flexible way to condition issue creation based on matching issue information with a regex pattern. Although this is a more complex configuration, it is highly powerful in that it covers a great number of use cases.  How to use pattern matching conditioning includes additional details.


Define additional configurations for the issues or sub-tasks being created.