Release notes 3.1



New Options

  1. Set labels with replacement variables for parent_labels and original_labels.
  2. Set watchers with replacement variables for parent_watchers and original_labels.
  3. Add a link from the created issue to another issue with the ability to control the link type and direction.

More Conditioning Options

  1. Exact match option as a more stringent condition versus the default find matching for more fine grained control over the condition.
  2. Literal option to treat the pattern as a literal string. Makes it easier for simple conditions - don't have to worry about escaping special regex characters.
  3. Negative (or Reverse) option. Make it easy to specify a condition that when matched will prevent the issue from being created.

Improvements and Fixes

  1. Custom fields will be set to default value if not otherwise set.

Resolved Issues

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