Release notes 4.0



For JIRA 5.2 and above.

Common workflow capabilities

Check out how some of the powerful capabilities of this add-on that are now shared with other workflow add-ons: Common workflow capabilities.



New options

  • Option to copy attachments from another issue
  • Option to add a comment
  • Option to set specific issue type and priority using substitution variables
  • Option for documentation notes to improve workflow maintainability



More substitution variables

  • Substitution variable for project category
  • Substitution variables for issue type and priority
  • Substitution variables for other system fields supporting parent or original issue prefixes
  • Function based substitutions
    • earliestUnreleasedVersion
    • latestReleasedVersion



Support Latest JIRA Release

  • Tested against JIRA 6.1 EAP



Resolved Issues

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