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The Bob Swift software team is proud to announce the release of Create on Transition for Jira.

I. Love. This. Add-on.

Was pulling my hair out trying to learn ScriptRunner (which I know is awesome but I can't program) and then found this. 15 minutes later I'm building complex workflows that launch new issues on transition. Thanks!!!

Ethan Foulkes - Marketplace Review

Create on Transition for Jira is one of our most popular Bob Swift Atlassian apps. Version 2.0, the oldest recorded by Atlassian was released back in November 2011 and since our team has released 30 versions of this app. Although we happen to be in agreement with Ethan and also love this product, our team honestly feels like we are just getting started!

Version 7 is by far the largest investment we've made to date and is almost entirely focused on improving the experience for workflow administrators.

We'd like to thank you, our incredible customers for helping support this app. You tell us when things are awesome and thankfully when we miss the mark. You fill our backlog with incredible ideas and cheer us on as we tackle some pretty challenging work. You are the most patient and thoughtful onlookers a software team could dream of. We deeply appreciate everything you do and want you to know that you, truly are the reason why we build software!

If you'd like to see all of the new features in action, upgrade now or visit the Marketplace to download the app.

Satyam Roy - Senior Software Engineer
Bob Swift Atlassian Applications

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  • Every ounce of configuration neatly organized.
  • Fields are now grouped by function and category, allowing you to "find and focus".
  • Autocomplete is now available
  • Supports cascading values and one-click removal.
  • Pre-configured shortcuts to quickly apply setting from parent or original issue.
  • On/Off slide toggles to visualize the value of common configuration settings.
  • Quick match configuration for regex users.
  • Fixes.

This release is available for Jira 7.2 and above.

Release highlights

The version 7 release focuses on improving and organizing the configuration page for Workflow Administrators, providing an easy navigation and better look and feel.

One organized screen to rule them all

Workflow administrators, we've been listening to your feedback and version 7 has some exciting additions for you, namely:

  • Every ounce of configuration is neatly organized for easy access
  • Streamlined navigation allows you to quickly move between fields and conditions

Logically grouped fields

You told us that it was sometimes difficult to locate the fields that you wanted to work with and our team agreed with you.

Fields are now grouped by function and category.

Built for precision

When automatically creating issues in Jira, the margin of error is small so precision is key. We help you become more precise by introducing:

  • Autocomplete across:
    • Project name
    • Issue Type
    • Components
    • Priority
    • Labels
    • Versions
    • Issue links
    • Custom Field Values
  • Support for cascading values and one-click removal
  • Pre-configured shortcuts to quickly apply a setting from the parent issue or original issue
  • On/Off slide toggles to visualize the value of common configuration settings
  • Quick match configuration for Regex users

Visit the Marketplace to download Create on Transition for Jira. 

The Create on Transition 7.0 roadmap team


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