Create a value map using the cascade select configuration


Substitution variables are of great help when it comes to configuring field values for issues. Want to use a field value using a value map? For instance, you want the Jira user to see one value on the screen, but internally, you need a different value to be set in a custom field. How can this be done easily? This shows how to do this using a cascade select configuration in an non-typical way. CSOT-103 has more details on the configuration access capability use in this example.

Example of a value map



The following steps demonstrate how to configure Create on Transition, regex inspection of the project using a built-in function:


Create a cascade select custom field

  • Field is not intended for use
  • It is just for saving configuration values

2Add a parent entry with the key value of your map
3Create a child entry with the value part of your map
4Repeat for each key and value pair

Use substitution values

Suppose your cascade select custom field is called: myMap



  • when using multiple issue creation
  • processing the sally entry