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Augments provide the ability to augment the data found in the CSV table with additional columns derived from other information available. The CLI support for this is similar to the support provided by the CSV Macro and the JSON Table Macro - see Augments for more information. The list of supported replacements follows later.

Why would you use augments? In some cases, you may have little control over how the data is produced or you may want to format the data for subsequent use like for sending the data to Slack or Confluence.  


Replacement Keys

Replacement keys enclosed in % will have replacements as indicated below. Example:  %#% will be replaced by the current row number.


Add a Row Number with Augments

-a run -i "examplegear -a getSpaceList -f @temp" \
       -i "csv -a convertCsv --sourceFile @temp --headingAugments # --augments %#% --columns 1,2,5 --outputType text"
Converted data
 #  Name                 Home Page              
 1  Test                 Test                   
 2  Demonstration Space  Welcome to Confluence

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