Update on Transition for Jira


Workflow transition functions using regular expression pattern-matching conditions, JQL query, and variable substitutions. Shares similar capabilities to Create on Transition for Jira.

  • Update issues post function to update one or more issues identified by a list of issue keys.
  • Conditioned validator to use conditioning logic to determine if transition should proceed.

Note about support for Jira Cloud 

Cloud support for all the functionality of Update on Transition for Jira is incorporated into our Create on Transition for Jira Cloud app making it a powerful single app for your cloud instance.  

If you are looking for a cloud version of Update on Transition, we recommend that you try Create on Transition for Jira Cloud. Your Update on Transition data can now be easily migrated to Create on Transition for Jira Cloud using Atlassian's Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA). See our Cloud support page to learn more.


  • Powerful regular expression based pattern matching conditions.
  • Substitution variables solve many usage scenarios for setting field values.
    • Access to field values from original issue (issue being transitioned)
    • Access to field values from parent of original issue
    • Access to field values from current issue being processed (for Update issues post function)
    • Access to transition field values (for Conditioned validator)
  • JQL query can be used to select issues and provide other substitution variables.
  • Update issues post function
    • Updates one or more issues specified directly or via JQL search
    • Update system fields
    • Update custom fields
    • Set labels
    • Add a link
    • Set issue security level
    • Copy attachments from another issue
    • Set watchers
    • Add a comment
  • Conditioned validator
    • Condition on issue fields and JQL query
    • Construct user message from substitution variables

Demo video

See how Update on Transition has been integrated with our Create on Transition for Jira Cloud app

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Editing the Update issue post function to act on Blocker issues with a component set.

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