Add conditioned validator on a Jira service request form


This tutorial considers a scenario where the message configured using Conditioned Validator is not displayed as-is on a Jira service request form. The steps explained in the succeeding section help you understand the behavior of a conditioned validator when used to validate a service request form (since 4.5).


  1. Navigate to the intended project workflow.

  2. Edit the workflow.

  3. Click the Open step.

  4. Click Create in the Open step to navigate to the respective transition.

  5. Select the Validators tab and click Add validator.

  6. Select Conditioned Validator (Bob Swift) and click Add.

  7. Enter the following in the Conditions & Configurations tab to validate the length of the the Summary field in the service request form is more than 15 characters:

    • Condition 1: %Original_summary%

    • Regular expression pattern: .length > 15

  8. Enter the following in the Messaging tab and click Add:
    Message: The length of your Summary must be more than 15 characters. Please explain in detail. 

  9. Publish the workflow.

When a user raises a request and fills in the request form details that fail to meet the conditions set in the conditioned validator, the following error message is displayed:

Note the configured message is not displayed as is but nonetheless is appended to the Jira error. This is the behavior of a conditional validator configured for a Jira service request form (since 4.5).