Integration with Configuration Manager for Jira (since 4.6)


Configuration Manager for Jira is a powerful app that allows Jira administrators to transfer configuration data between different Jira Server and DC instances. Update on Transition for Jira integrated with Configuration Manager making it easy to move data between instances. This integration enables administrators to bundle the following Update on Transition configurations with Configuration manager snapshots in the source instance and restore these snapshots while importing them into the target instance:

  • Global app configuration data
  • Workflow post function configurations
  • Validator configurations
  • Currently, note that the Merge Configuration deployment mode (on the first page of configuration wizard) is not supported while deploying the configuration snapshot for global app configuration data.
  • It is recommended to verify and test the app configuration data migration in a staging environment before deploying it in production.

  • If you do not intend to migrate Update on Transition workflow data, you must disable the uot-workflow-participant-handler module in the Manage apps page.


Ensure both the source and target instances have the same version of Configuration Manager for Jira and Update on Transition for Jira installed before migrating data.


Update on Transition workflow configurations are migrated with the limitations mentioned in this section.

  • Issue fields listed here (that contain issue keys) are copied as is into the target instance while migrating the workflow post function. Update Issue processes them once Configuration Manager imports the referenced issues into the target instance. When the referenced issues are imported into a new project, the administrator must update the respective issue keys.
    • Create link
    • Copy links
    • Copy remote links
    • Copy attachments
    • Issues to update
  • When the Condition 1 or Condition 2 fields have values containing custom field names or ids, they are not processed and are copied as is to the target instance.
  • It is recommended that the administrator creates the following field entities if they have not been migrated by Configuration Manager:
    • Components
    • Fix versions
    • Affected versions
    • Labels
    • Reporter
    • Assignee
    • Watchers

Substitution variables processing

Custom fields

  • When substitution variables are used to set custom fields in the source instance, the following representations are not currently supported in workflow post function migrations:
  • entry_customfield_<issue key>
  • values_customfield_<custom field id>
  • values_customfield_<issue key>(entry)
  • transition_customfield_<custom field id>


When the following fields are defined using substitution variables in the source instance, they are not processed and are copied as is to the target instance:

  • JQL query
  • Acting user