Update on Transition for Jira configuration

After installing or updating the app, navigate to BOB SWIFT CONFIGURATION > Update on Transition in the sidebar to land on the Update on Transition for Jira Configuration page. The tabs in this page and respective configuration parameters are explained in the succeeding sections.

Global configuration

Default value
Log level

Lists various log levels for the administrators to select from the drop-down list. Logging capability helps administrators easily troubleshoot and work with post function errors. 

You can turn off the logging capability by selecting OFF from the drop-down list.

The log level selected here is reflected in the app-specific Logging and profiling configuration and the vice-versa also holds true.


The log level defaults to ERROR since errors come in the way of getting the job done, and fixing them immediately is of utmost priority over the other log levels.

Log messages retention period (days)

Signifies the time period in days for which the log messages are retained in the system. The administrator can select from the available set of values.

Delete log messagesAllows the administrator to permanently delete all the log messages. A pop-up is displayed for confirmation.
Send statistics and help us improve

Allows us to collect some usage data that will help us improve the product when enabled. To learn more about what is being sent, refer to Analytics InformationThis configuration can also be turned off if you do not wish to share the information.


Click Save to save the configuration details or Reset to refresh to the default values.

Log messages

This tab lists all the log messages with date created, log level, and message description details. You can:

  • Filter the log messages using the search fields by:
    • Text - Enter text as required in the text field
    • Level - Select a log level from the available log level from the drop-down
    • Start date, End date - Select the dates from the calendar to fetch the logs between the mentioned dates
      Click Search to filter the results as intended or Clear filter to refresh the list to the default values.
  • Move to the next page by clicking the page number or next icon on the right bottom corner of the messages list.