Release Notes 2.5

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This page provides information about an individual release of the GINT - Groovy Integration Test Framework.

More release notes for additional versions of this product are available here.

Release Highlights

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  • Support testing of Confluence Connect macros
  • Atlassian Cloud testing improvements
  • Selenium testing improvements
  • Improved automatic screenshot naming
  • Global auto retry support
  • Retry on success closure failure
  • Added GintForJsap to support generic JSAP clients
  • Fixes

Additional Notes

Minor incompatibility for Selenium tests

GINT no longer will default Selenium tests to force maxParallel = 1 which prevents concurrent access to the browser. Tests must now explicitly set this concurrency level if needed. This is to support use cases where concurrency is possible provided there are other control mechanism used. For instance, Confluence Connect macro tests can use maxParallel values larger than 1.

Selenium tests needing concurrency control should do something like:

gint.setMaxParallel(1) // prevent concurrent access to browser

Minor incompatibility for Confluence macro testing

GINT will now default macroPageBegin/End to blank. This makes it easier for Cloud testing and avoids need for Navigation add-on and it's scrollbar macro. See GINT-111 Getting issue details... STATUS for more details.

Platforms and Compatibility

The following platforms were used during the development and testing of this release. We no longer test regularly on Windows even though it is fully supported platform.

Resolved Issues

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