Release notes 1.4.0

28 Nov 2011


  1. With this release, GINT supports running Bamboo tests using GintForBamboo. This is similar to previous support for Confluence and JIRA. Groovy Tasks for Bamboo is a new project using GINT and provides an example test implemented with GintForBamboo.
  2. Support for Groovy Tasks for Bamboo
  3. Validated running build and test on Groovy 1.8.4.
  4. There are also minor improvements and fixes mostly driven by tests for Projects Using GINT.

Groovy 1.8

Because of GROOVY-4863, recommendation for running 1.8.x is to use at least 1.8.2.

Jar built with 1.7.x

The 1.4.0 jar available for download is built using Groovy 1.7 and is compatible with 1.8. You can build your own 1.8 specific jar, just note that it must be used with Groovy 1.8 and higher.

Future releases will require Groovy 1.8 and higher

Future releases will be built with Groovy 1.8 and therefore will require Groovy 1.8 or higher runtime.


The following platforms were used during the development and testing of this release.

Bamboo Support For GINT

GINT has always supported continuous integration environments - Feature - JUnit-style XML Output. The Groovy Tasks for Bamboo (1.1.0) adds a GINT task to make it easier to include GINT tests in Bamboo builds! GINT 1.4.0 is required for GINT tasks in Bamboo.


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