Release notes 5.4

What's new in this release

Take control with new Javascript permissions

Admins can now enable or disable Javascript use within HTML macros globally on the HTML for Confluence Configuration screen.

You can also control Javascript usage on pages that are using the HTML macro by enabling the html.allowJavascript macro in the Macro Security for Confluence Configuration page. To know how to enable this macro, refer to Macro Security Configuration.

Easy navigation for admins

Admins, we've been listening to your feedback and version 5.4 has some exciting additions for you. You no longer need to hunt and peck to find the configuration page. HTML for Confluence is now added as an item within the side navigation (General Configuration > BOB SWIFT CONFIGURATION > HTML).

New parameter in XSLT macro editor

A new parameter xsltVersion is now added to XSLT macro. This lists the XSLT versions the macro is compatible with. Select the version based on your style (XSLT) input document. To learn more, refer to XSLT Macro.

Help us improve the product

When enabled in the Global Configuration screen, this option allows us to collect some usage data that helps us improve our product. To learn more about what is being sent, refer to Analytics data.

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This release is available for Confluence 6.0.1 and above. The Confluence server must be running Java 1.8 or higher.

Release highlights

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A note from the product team

With hundreds of customers in more than 45 countries, HTML for Confluence is one of our most popular Bob Swift Atlassian apps. 

In version 5.4, we wanted to help keep your site safe and secure by empowering admins to enable or disable Javascript use within all HTML macros.

A big thanks to you, our incredible, supportive customers, for using our apps. You have provided great feedback and want you to know that you truly are the reason why we build software!


Rama Krishna Anumola

Rambabu Patina

Prakhar Srivastav

Jeff Pierce

Product ManagementJeff Pierce

Holly Wright

Sam Rector

Kat Sandin

Cody Wooten

Piers Morgan

Technical Writing

Sireesha Dugginapeddi

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