Release notes 4.3




Find and Replace Support

Provides regular expression based support for finding content and replacing it with something else. This is useful for repairing XML for XSLT transforms or modifying HTML brought in from other sites. For instance, repairing links in HTML documents.

  1. XSLT - the support will pre-process the XML source so the find and replace action takes place prior to the XSLT transform. This makes it possible to correct problems in the original source like location of the dtd that may cause failure to transform.
  2. HTML - the support will post-process the HTML output so that what is displayed to the user can be modified from the HTML produced from the macro originally.
New parameters
  • find - a comma separated list of regex patterns.
  • replace - a comma separated list of replace strings. Index position in the replace list corresponds to the index position in the find parameter. Furthermore, a limited subset of Pre-defined variables variables can be used in the replace parameter.



Improved Error Reporting for XSLT

Warnings and fatal errors can now be reported by the XSLT transformer. This makes it possible to more easily test your XSL source directly in Confluence.

  1. Handle fatal errors coming back from transformer - will result in macro failure by default
  2. Provides a errorLevel parameter to allow finer user control over termination. Default will be FATAL to end processing on FATAL errors reported by the transformer. Lower level errors will be logged. A terminating error will cause an error panel with details of all warnings and errors to show automatically.
  3. Provides a showErrors parameter to optionally show warnings and errors even if not a terminating error.



Resolved Issues

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