User Defined Substitution Variables

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Starting with release 4.2, there is a configuration panel available for user defined substitution variables. For more information on all substitution variables see Substitution variables.


Configuration is a simple name/value pair.

  • The configuration screen is available from the UPM entry or the Add-ons administrations tab
  • The name field must not contain % and we recommend using using relatively simple names without special characters
  • Variable names are case sensitive
  • Variable names are trimmed of leading and trailing blanks
  • Variables are sorted alphabetically
  • To remove a variable, blank out the name and save


  • Use is similar to all other substitution variables, a prefix of variable indicates a user defined variable
  • Example: %variable_jira-local%
  • User defined variables can be used in any action definition (run UICLI Post Function and CLI Validator)
  • Substitution is a simple text substitution with recursion on user defined variables (there is no recursion on standard substitution variables)
  • Variable names are case sensitive