How to debug condition configurations


Condition configuration allows great flexibility in determining whether or not to create issues, but it can be tricky to get working correctly. First, you should make sure your regex is tested to behave the way you want using a regex testing tool like RegexPlanet or similar. The other part to look at is that data value you are checking is producing values that you expect. The only way to tell is to add additional logging in the JIRA server log. You will need easy access to view the log normally found in your <home>/log directory. Normally, this means you must be a JIRA administrator.


  1. Read: JIRA logging and profiling - how to configure additional temporary logging in JIRA

  2. Add an entry for INFO using org.swift.jira

    • Temporary logging will get you started without a server restart

    • Consider adding a permanent entry so that you can more easily resolve issues that occur in production

  3. Run a test scenario and then look in the server log and look for entries including text: Condition value: and similar

More Information

Even more problem determination information is available from How to get problem determination information.