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A new feature is available with release 4.0 that provides:

  1. Ability to run CLI action directly from the JIRA administration UI
  2. Save and recall action statements for repetitive actions

Jelly Runner alternative

 The UI to run CLI actions provides a convenient alternative to the Jelly Runner which is deprecated and will be removed in JIRA 6.4 - see this announcement.

Menu Item

The Run CLI Actions menu items is located in the ADVANCED section of the System tab. For release 4.2 and above, there is also a RUN CLI ACTIONS IN JIRA section on the Add-ons tab.


Run CLI Actions

Create Project From Template

This is similar to the example from How to create projects or sets of issues based on a template. In this case, you can save the template action for easy reuse.

--action run --common "--project ZJCLIP2 --dateFormat yyyy-MM-dd" --findReplace #duedate#:2016-05-01 --server %base_url% --password automation
--action createProject --lead automation

--action createIssue --type improvement --summary "Phase 1" --date #duedate# 
--action createIssue --parent @issue@ --type sub-task --summary "Task 1"  
--action createIssue --parent @issue@ --type sub-task --summary "Task 2"  

--action createIssue --type improvement --summary "Phase 2"  
--action createIssue --parent @issue@ --type sub-task --summary "Task 1" 
--action createIssue --parent @issue@ --type sub-task --summary "Task 2" 



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