Migration from server/DC to cloud


This page explains:

  • Migration support details for the app content from server to cloud
  • Differences between the server and cloud version of the app

Migration process

Migration of the app configuration data or any clone plus customizations from server to cloud is not supported currently. This is because Jira Cloud Migration Assistant does not support the app migration process yet. To view your Clone Plus server data such as clone plus property file settings or custom clone operations in cloud, you need to create these custom configurations from scratch on cloud.

For more information, refer to .

Differences between Server/DC and Cloud versions of the app

The following table lists the feature differences between server and cloud versions of the app:

Clone behavior configurationSupports a property file based configurationProvides easy to use configuration screen to define clone operations that control the clone behavior
Custom clone operationsSupports a maximum of 16Supports 90+ clone operations

Clone options

  • copy attachments
  • copy watchers
  • copy worklogs
  • copy comments
  • copy subtasks
  • copy subtask estimates
  • copy parent reporter
  • copy parent versions
  • copy links
  • copy epic issues
  • copy epic issue subtasks
  • copy epic issue subtask estimates

Supports all the clone options

Supports all the clone options

Refer to 

Mapping fields from original issue to a new value in the target issue conditioned on original issue field values

  • Set target project
  • Set target type
  • Set target component
  • Set target version
  • Set link type
  • Set link direction

Supports mapping all issue fields

For more information, refer to the Mapping keys section in Clone properties

Supports only:

  • Set target project
  • Set target type 
  • Set target component
  • Set target version

For supporting set link type and set link direction, refer to: 

Setting standard and custom fields for subtasksSupportedNot supportedRefer to 

Clone conditions

  • Projects
  • Issue types
  • Status
  • Roles
Supports all clone conditionsSupports all clone conditions except RolesRefer to 

Clone properties

  • fieldExcludes
  • fieldIncludes
  • ignoreFields
  • projectIncludes
  • issueTypeIncludes
  • retainCommentsOriginalDate
  • retainWorklogsOriginalDate
  • epicIssueTypesIncludes

Supports all clone properties

Supports only:

  • Ignore fields (Not applicable to subtasks)
  • Field excludes
  • Project includes
  • Issue type includes

For missing clone properties in Cloud, refer to:

Post cloning processingFunctions as expected

Functions as expected with an exception:

When the administrator modifies the default link type name in issue linking settings from Cloners to any other name, no link is created between the source and target issues during cloning.

Problem reporting

If you experience any problems or behavior changes that are unexpected, refer to Help and open a ticket with us. This helps us identify and prioritize fixes and improvements.