JSP Installation Instructions


These instructions are ONLY needed for releases prior to Release 5.0. Release 5.0 has re-implemented the UI support to avoid JSPs. This now means that a UPM install and upgrade is sufficient!


For releases 3.x and 4.x, JSPs must be installed in your JIRA installation directory in order for Clone Plus for Jira to work. Without following this step, users will see a 404 when selecting a clone plus action.


Tips for Standalone Install

The following are quick ways to copy the JSP to the right location when using the standard standalone install

1 xcopy /s bobswift-clone-plus-x.x.x <jira installation directory>


1 cp -r bobswift-clone-plus-x.x.x/. <jira installation directory>

Tips for Windows installer

If you used the Window's installer to install in the default location, then you will need to do some manual steps. The following is based on a 5.2.11 32-bit Windows installer:

  1. Go to the installation directory: c:\Program Files (x86)\Atlassian\JIRA

  2. Remove read-only restrictions as necessary to add the following the plugins directory (must be lowercase!) to: c:\Program Files (x86)\Atlassian\JIRA\atlassian-jira\secure\views

  3. Copy the 3 JSP files from the temporary unzipped bobswift-clone-plus-x.x.x-jsp directory

  4. You should have something that looks like:  

Restart is NOT needed

Once the JSPs are in the correct location, they will be immediately available.

Tips for War (webapp) Install

  1. Copy the JSPs into the directory structure starting from the webapp directory.

  2. Restart JIRA. 

Directory structure with JSPs installed

The directory should like the following for either atlassian-jira directory (standalone install) or webapp directory (war install).