Release notes 6.3


The Bob Swift software team is proud to announce the release of Clone Plus for Jira, version 6.3. Our server apps have always been Data Center compatible, and with the release of Atlassian’s new Data Center approved apps program, we have made massive investments in additional infrastructure and testing frameworks for our Data Center apps to ensure that they scale to meet the needs of enterprise teams. These apps have been rigorously tested and vetted for consistent, efficient, and reliable performance at scale.

Data Center approval 

Clone Plus for Jira, with 6.3 release is a certified Data Center approved app for Atlassian Marketplace. In addition to being Data Center compatible, Clone Plus for Jira is now a tested and verified app that complies with Data Center scalability and availability standards. This ensures delivering high standard of reliability in a cluster and performance at scale.

More release notes for additional versions of this product are available here.

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