Release notes 6.5

What's new in this release

Clone an epic with all the child issues and subtasks

Clone Plus for Jira - version 6.5 introduces deep cloning, which allows you to clone an epic with all the associated issues and subtasks. As a part of this feature, you now see a new clone option Copy issues in epic. When enabled, you can copy all the issues of the selected epic to the cloned epic. The following nested options are also added as displayed in the image:

  • Copy subtasks of issues in epic: When enabled, the subtasks of issues of the parent epic are copied to the cloned issues of the cloned epic. This option is activated only when Copy issues in Epic is selected.
  • Copy subtasks estimates to cloned subtasks of issues in epic: When enabled, the estimates are copied to the cloned subtasks of the epic issues. This option is activated only when Copy subtasks of issues in epic is selected.

For more information on how to configure these clone options, refer to Clone properties.

Control which epic issue types are available when cloning

A new configuration property epicIssueTypeIncludes, is now added to Clone Plus. This option allows the administrators to control the list of available issue types while cloning the issues of an epic, given the issue types are available in the cloned project. For more information, refer to Clone properties.

Add a custom comment to cloned issues

Administrators can now configure a customized comment that can be added to a cloned issue. For more on configuring a custom comment, refer to Setting fields.

New parameter in general configuration

In the Clone Plus for Jira Configuration page, you now see a new tab called Global Configuration with the Send Statistics and Help Us Improve option. When enabled, it allows us to collect some usage data that will help us improve the product. To learn more about what is being sent, refer to Analytics InformationThis configuration can also be turned off if you do not wish to share the information.

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