Migration from server/DC to cloud


Before migrating your Markdown for Confluence app content from server to cloud, we recommend reading this Atlassian article to plan your migration. 

This page explains:

  • Migration process
  • Differences between the server/DC and cloud version of the app

Migration process

On completion of migration from version 3.6.0:

  • All global configuration and profile data in the Configuration page are transferred from the server instance to the cloud instance as specified in the Cloud Migration Assistant wizard.
  • Points to note about profile data migration:
    • For profiles with distinct names on the server/DC and cloud instances, the profiles from both server/DC and cloud instances are combined and listed under Configuration > Profiles as-is.
    • For profiles with the same name in both server/DC and cloud instances, the profile configurations available on the server/DC overwrites the profile configuration on the cloud instance. Thus, only one copy of the profile configuration, taken from the server/DC, is available on the cloud, and the original configuration details on the cloud are overwritten. 

      Consider an example that if:

      • Profiles in server/DC: A, B, and D
      • Profiles in cloud: A (profile with the same name as in server, and has the same or different configuration), and X

      After migration is completed, the Configuration page of the cloud instance now contains the A (with configuration details as in server/DC), B, D, and X profiles.

  • If multiple migrations are performed on the same cloud instance, the latest migration takes precedence.
  • Any subsequent migrations performed on the same cloud instance only adds or merges the data, but does not delete any existing data.

Important information:

  • The migration of data from server to cloud is an independent process from app installation or configuration in your cloud instance. We recommend that administrators verify that all your data (configuration as well as your Confluence pages) are displayed properly after the migration process is completed. Please report any issues immediately after looking through the known problem list.
  • We capture certain details, excluding private user data or any personally identifiable information, during the migration process to help us improve our app continually. Refer to Analytics data to know more about the what information is collected.

Differences between server/DC and cloud versions

All the macros available in the server/DC version are supported in the cloud version as well. The following table lists the macros' parameters and features that work differently in server and cloud:

URL whitelistingSupported natively by Confluence and configured using the Global Configuration pageAdministrators must manually whitelist the URLs in the Global Configuration page, because Confluence cloud does not natively support URL whitelisting.For more information, refer to CLOUD-2636.
Rendering Markdown content having angle quotesSupportedNot supportedFor updates on this feature, refer to MARKDOWN-388.
Rendering links with spaces between text and linkSupportedNot supportedFor updates on this feature, refer to MARKDOWN-387.
Linking pages to other applications using AppLinksSupportedNot supportedFor updates on this feature, refer to MARKDOWN-375.
Exporting a page as an attachment, or, as a PDF or Word formatsSupportedNot supported

For updates on exporting a page as an attachment feature, refer to MARKDOWN-216.

For updates on exporting a page in PDF or Word formats feature, refer to MARKDOWN-264.

Using customized CSS for tables in macrosSupportedNot supported

For updates on this feature, refer to MARKDOWN-261

Please note that all the other parameters function the same in both versions of the app.

Problem reporting

If you experience any problems or behavior changes that are unexpected, refer to Help and open a ticket with us. This helps us identify and prioritize fixes and improvements.

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