Release notes 3.6

What's new

Enhanced app configuration data transfer on server to cloud migration

This release primarily involves changes pertaining to the migration of Markdown for Confluence app configuration details from server to cloud. Administrators can seamlessly migrate all data configurations, including global configuration properties and profiles from server to the required cloud instance using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant wizard.

Configuration data migration follows this process:

  • All global configuration and profile data in the Configuration page are transferred from the server instance to the cloud instance as specified in the Cloud Migration Assistant wizard.
  • Points to note about profile data migration:
    • For profiles with distinct names on the server and cloud instances, the profiles from both instances are combined and listed under Configuration > Profiles as-is.
    • For profiles with the same name in both server and cloud instances, the profile configurations available on the server overwrites the profile configuration on the cloud instance. Thus, only one copy of the profile configuration, taken from the server, is available on the cloud, and the original configuration details on the cloud are overwritten. 

      Consider a scenario wherein you have:

      • Profiles in server: A, B, D
      • Profiles in cloud: A (profile with the same name as in server, and has the same or different configuration), X

      After migration is completed, the Configuration page of the cloud instance now contains the A (with configuration details as in the server), B, D, and X profiles.

  • If multiple migrations are performed on the same cloud instance, the latest migration takes precedence.
  • Any subsequent migrations performed on the same cloud instance only adds or merges the data, but does not delete any existing data.

Refer to the Migration guide for more information about the migration process.

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