Release notes 3.4

What's new in this release

Data Center approval

Markdown for Confluence, with 3.4 release is a Data Center approved app for Atlassian Marketplace. In addition to being Data Center compatible, Markdown for Confluence is now a tested and verified app that complies with Data Center scalability and availability standards. This ensures delivering a high standard of reliability in a cluster and performance at scale.

Work seamlessly with apps using Application Links

Link your app with Confluence via an Application Link and skip authorizing your app using username and password credentials entirely. Application Links allow you to work seamlessly with apps and render your Markdown content on a Confluence page. To know more about linking apps with Confluence refer to Application Link

Render Markdown content from GitLab and GitHub 

Version 3.4 of Markdown macros allow you to easily create GitHub or GitLab profiles and render Markdown content from these repositories into a Confluence page

Find and Replace regular expressions

The new Find and Replace parameters allow you to post-process the Markdown content before rendering it on the Confluence page.

Support for Atlassian User Mentions

All Markdown macros now support Atlassian User Mentions.

To tag a user, enter the username in the macro body in the following format and click Save:


Newly improved configuration page for administrators

With version 3.4, we have changed the look and feel of our configuration page and added features that allow you to accomplish more with Markdown for Confluence.

  • Allow JavaScript - This option allows you to control the use of JavaScript in Markdown macros. You can also use Macro Security for Confluence to further restrict these powerful macro capabilities to trusted users, groups, or spaces.

  • Help Us Improve the Product - Enabling this option helps us collect usage data to improve the product. To learn more about what is reported, refer to Analytics Data.
  • Improved Profiles section- The brand new Profiles section allows you to configure external systems for use with Markdown macros. The Add profile dialog has new parameters that will enable you to add profiles quickly and easily.
    • The improved Add profile dialogue allows you to specify an access token, header parameters, and URL parameters that are required to request the remote source. For example, when including source from GitLab. 
    • All your profiles are displayed in a new tab called Profiles in the Configuration Administration page. You can add, edit, or remove profiles.
    • Once you create and save a profile for your remote file location, users can select it from the Profile list in the macro editor. 

Additional notes

This release is available for Confluence 6.0 and above. The Confluence server must be running Java 1.8 or higher

Resolved issues

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