Release notes 1.0



Initial release

This is the first release of the Markdown for Confluence app bringing the capability to integrate Markdown content into Confluence.

Three macros are provided:

pegdown based

pegdown based Markdown syntax parsing has many popular extensions that provides compatibility for many current usage scenarios. Some extensions included are:

    • Github-flavored-Markdown (GFM)
    • PHP Markdown Extra

Reference: pegdown

WikiLinks is a popular extension that provides support for easy linking to wiki pages. For Confluence, the base support has been extended to include the Confluence wiki linking syntax to allow linking to pages in other spaces and attachments.


  • [[Home]]
  • [[Project link|MARKDOWN:Home]]
  • [[Home^basics.text]]

More information: How to use WikiLinks

Security for embedded HTML

Markdown allows HTML to be intermixed with markup to enhanced rendering capabilities. However, allowing embedded HTML can be a security exposure on your site if untrusted users have access. All Markdown macros have an allowHtml parameter. This parameter can only be used if Macro Security for Confluence has been installed and configured to allow the parameter to be turned on.

Resolved issues

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