How to use WikiLinks


WikiLinks is an extension to the base Markdown syntax to allow for easy linking to other pages. The basic syntax is [[page name]]. The Markdown macros for Confluence support this by implementing links to the corresponding Confluence page. For Confluence, we have extended the support to include linking to content using Confluence wiki link syntax.

[[pagetitle]]Link to page in the same space
[[spacekey:pagetitle]]Link to page in specific space
[[link alias|pagetitle]]Link text can be provided
[[link alias|spacekey:pagetitle]] 
[[^attachment.ext]]Link to an attachment on current page
[[pagetitle^attachment.ext]]Link to an attachment on a specific page
[[spacekey:pagetitle^attachment.ext]]Link to an attachment on a specific page in a specific space
[[link alias|^attachment.ext]]Link text can be provided
[[link alias|pagetitle^attachment.ext]] 
[[link alias|spacekey:pagetitle^attachment.ext]]