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Space numbering

Space numbering enables page numbering on all pages within a space. A space administrator can enable or disable space numbering.

Using space numbering

When space numbering is enabled, all pages within the space have page numbering enabled.

Space numbering is an option available to space administrators only.

Enable/disable space numbering

  1. Log in as an administrator or space administrator.

  2. Navigate to Space tools > Apps.

  3. Select the Numbered Headings tab.

  4. Enable or disable the Enable space numbering toggle.

Space administration - Space Tools

Excluding single pages from numbering

Since version 5.4.16

If space numbering is configured for a space, you can exclude one or more pages from automatically being numbered. To do so, go to the relevant page(s) and deselect the Numbered Headings button.

Using the button also enables the possibility to add custom formatting to a page in a space where space numbering is enabled. This overrides the default numbering scheme.

Automating page excludes

If you are adding content using automation and want a single page to be excluded from numbering, refer to the API documentation to know more.