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Macro numbering

The Numbered Headings macro allows you to number parts of a page. You can have multiple macros on a page where each has their own numbering.

Using the macro

You can find the Numbered Headings macro in the Confluence macro browser. When you edit a page, locate the Insert button in the editor toolbar and choose Other macros. In the browser, search for Numbered Headings.

Alternatively, you can start typing {number to add the Numbered Headings macro on the page.

The Numbered Headings macro

Headings inside the macro is numbered once the page is published. You can add multiple macros to a page and the macros are not aware of each other.

We discourage combining macro numbering and page numbering.

Macro configuration

You can change the configuration of the numbering if you do not want to use the default numbering format. Click the macro and click Edit to open the macro editor.

The left side of the macro editor has a number of settings and use the Preview on the right side to view how the settings affect the macro contents.

The Numbered Headings macro editor

For an overview of the available formatting options, refer to Formatting options.

Find all pages with the macro

Sometimes, you may want to see all pages that use the Numbered Headings macro. For example, when you are migrating from using the macro to using the Numbered Headings toolbar button. Or, when you want to remove all macros to uninstall Numbered Headings altogether.

To find all pages that use the Numbered Headings macro, use the following search query in Confluence search:

1 macroName: numberedheadings*

This displays only those pages that use the macro. It does not display pages that use other ways to number headings such as space numbering or the toolbar button.