Release notes 6.3

Release date: 2021-08-30

Our team is excited to announce the release of Run Self-Service Reports for Confluence, version 6.3.



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Compatible Confluence versions: 6.13.0 and above.

Quick tip
Do you want to access a specific value in a macro from a given macro on the page? Read this article for more information.

Questions and feedback

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New Run variable macro now available

Users can now share the field values across the macros on a given page. Use the Run variable macro to access the field values provided in Run macros and use these values in other macros on the same page. This macro can be used with other macros such as Wiki, Markup, Groovy, SQL for Confluence macros, and so on.

New field types now added

The new field types allow users to populate select boxes with data fetched from the required SQL database. The field types are now available for use with the Run with a user form and parameters and Run without user form macros:

  • Dynamic select: Ability to create a list with options that are added automatically using an SQL query.

  • Dynamic Multi Select: Ability to select multiple options in the list that are added automatically using an SQL query.

The SQL for Confluence app must be installed and/or enabled to use these field types. If not done, an error message is shown and further processing is stopped.

Resolved issues


Thank you our valuable customers!

We want to thank you, our incredible, supportive customers, for using our apps. You have provided great feedback and want you to know that you truly are the reason why we build software!